SHRAPNEL : Découvrez le nouveau programme d’accès anticipé STX 3, avec plus de $100000 de récompenses et l’ouverture du marché

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Découvrez SHRAPNEL, le tout nouveau programme d’accès anticipé STX 3 qui promet plus de $100000 de récompenses et l’ouverture d’un marché rempli de promesses. Plongez dans une aventure unique et soyez prêt à relever des défis passionnants pour remporter des gains exceptionnels. Êtes-vous prêts à vous lancer dans cette aventure ?

Un Accès Anticipé Inédit pour les Joueurs

découvrez shrapnel, le nouveau programme d'accès anticipé stx 3, offrant plus de $100000 de récompenses et l'ouverture du marché

Mark your calendars! From May 23 to May 26, 2024, players worldwide can immerse themselves in the STX 3 early access event for SHRAPNEL. Unlike previous editions, servers will remain active continuously throughout the event, ensuring global participation at everyone’s convenience.

The sheer excitement surrounding this event is amplified by the collaboration with SHRAPNEL and Coinacademy. If you’re eager for more insights about the partnership, click here.

Plus de 100000$ en Tokens et un Système de Récompenses Révolutionnaire

découvrez shrapnel, le nouveau programme d'accès anticipé stx 3 avec plus de 100 000 $ de récompenses et l'ouverture du marché.

This time, the SHRAP reward tokens distribution isn’t based on player rankings. Instead, there’s a whopping 1 million SHRAP (worth over $100,000) pool to be claimed by players completing specific missions.

This shift in strategy aims to include a broader range of participants. Some of the exciting missions include:

  • Obtain 5 kills using the special Sigma Wave skill
  • Extract 3 weapon skin fragments
  • Survive and extract from the Sigma Zone 5 times (in 5 matches)
  • Create a weapon skin from fragments
  • Achieve 10 kills using a silenced weapon
  • Extract 4000 Sigma throughout the event

SHRAP rewards will be calculated and distributed after data verification. If you own NFT Operators, you can earn bonus SHRAP by completing all the missions. Rewards will be handed out within 10 business days post-event.

Nouveautés de l’Édition STX 3

STX 3 introduces the exciting concept of inventory persistence. During your games, you can now extract skin fragments and wildcards alongside Sigma compounds. In the future, players will be able to keep successfully extracted loot, like equipment and weapons, for use in subsequent sessions.

Currently, this persistence applies only to skin fragments and wildcards in STX 3. If you fail to extract or die, items stored in the Secure Pouch will remain safe. Successful extractions will ensure you keep every collected fragment and wildcard.

All players begin with the same basic gear and must scour for additional weapons and ammunition during gameplay to survive and collect Sigma compounds.

If you aren’t familiar with the gameplay, check out our dedicated article here.

Accès et Packs d’Extraction

Once the game is fully released, it will be Free to Play. However, for early access, you need to purchase one of the Extraction Packs. Use code COINACADEMY for a 30% discount on each pack.

Keep in mind the game is currently available only for PC (Windows) on Epic Games. Each pack includes various content. For example, the Light Extraction Pack at $20 includes:

🔫 Early access to the game
• 1 MEF Operator
• 1 Equipment Pack
• 6 Weekly Drops
• 1 Consumables Pack
• More to come post early access!

After purchasing a pack, download SHRAPNEL from Epic Games and log in when early access opens. The game isn’t available 24/7, so be sure to check their Twitter for play session schedules.

Système de Crafting de Skins d’Armes

STX 3 introduces a weapon skin crafting system, allowing players to create exclusive skins by collecting weapon skin fragments and wildcards.

Each skin requires three unique fragments (A, B, and C), obtainable in-game or purchasable on the new online marketplace. Fragments vary in rarity, with rarer ones appearing mostly in later game stages. Wildcards, which can replace any missing fragment, can also be found or bought but not resold by players.

The “Secure Pouch” ensures the safety of your fragments and wildcards. It can store up to three items, guaranteeing their retention even if you fail to extract. Successfully extracted items in the Secure Pouch will be yours to keep.

Marketplace SHRAPNEL : Acheter et Vendre des Skins et Fragments

The launch of the marketplace offers players the chance to buy and sell weapon skins and fragments. The platform includes features like item name search, type, or rarity, and shows transaction and ownership histories.

Transaction fees are set at 5%, with no listing fees involved. With these features and improvements, SHRAPNEL continues to redefine the gaming experience for its fans. Join the adventure now until May 26, 2024, to explore all the new STX 3 features!

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